Thursday, 8 January 2015

Dave Lindahl Real Estate Investment Strategies - Scam Tips

Dave lindahl is the best real estate guru and he will give simply tips to avoid being scammed when investing in real estate. Here Dave lindahl give some important real estate tips to the investors

1. Never send money to an "concerned buyer." One of the most common real estate scams is selling to a person in another country. With this scam, the scammer claims to live in another country and says he would like to buy your real estate.

There is only one problem: he needs you to send some money his way to pay for travel expenses or some other expense that is standing in his method. Once you send the money to the scammer, he apparently drops off of the face of the world.

2. Never turn over advance documents to an "interested buyer." Identity thieves will sometimes pose as an interested buyer and will then request to see mortgage documents. Since these documents often contain individual information such as your social security number, you are fundamentally handing over your identity when you hand over the papers.

3. Never continue discussions with someone that has never seen your real estate. Some scam artists will claim to be interested in purchasing your real estate without ever having seen it. This is simply a ploy to win over your trust so you can be taken advantage of later.

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