Thursday, 3 September 2015

Dave Lindahl Tips of Being a Speaker

There is something powerful about standing in front of a group where you are perceived as an expert just by choosing to stand up and be counted.

Online talks can be webinars, masterclasses or just a teleclass whereas being a speaker you can be booked into an event to your local networking group, or anywhere where your ideal customers can be found.

You may find that doing online webinars which itself is a great way to start and practice your talk that makes it a lot easier for you to be you.Here are a few tips to support you in being the best speaker that you can be.

1. Believe In Yourself-

If you cannot convince yourself that you have something of value to share, it becomes tough to convince anyone else.This is where a lot of entrepreneurs fail in the mind.

As long as you have been in business you have done some research around your product and what it can do for people then you have enough to use as a starting point for your talk.

2. Mingle Up In An Event-

Take the time to get to know the people you will be talking to. You can do this for both online or offline talks by showing up early enough to converse with the people who will be in the audience.

Get the audience on your side just by making them feel friendly,get to know the people and their desires, wants and needs.

3. Be Natural-

Do your best to be yourself when talking to people. You only want to attract people who feel aligned with you. So, be yourself and this gets better with practice.

And that makes business a bit tough if you are surrounded by customers who you do not like and customers who feel deceived when they realize what you are really like.

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