Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dave Lindahl Scam Review

Dave Lindahl's "boot camp" will hit you up for $5499. (A "boot camp" is much like a seminar - designed for selling you more stuff, rather than teaching you enough). And his "home study" kit for those unable to attend a boot camp comes in at a whopping $995. 

Compare that to the (under $100) cost for Bill Vaughn's complete program, which includes free coaching by professional investors (a non-profit - they are volunteers)! 

Lindahl claims he does his own coaching. If that is true, great! True or not, many of the complaints involve coaching issues that leave much to be desired. 

The BBB has given Lindahl's most recent business name, REmentor an A+. However, this is his "new", clean business. Mr. Lindahl has had several previous businesses, all of which had a poor reputation, like "Big Assets". But we have to give Dave Lindahl the benefit of the doubt for now. Perhaps he is trying to do better. 

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