Tuesday, 2 September 2014

David Lindahl’s Multifamily Millions Boot Camp Review

When I first saw the flyer for David Lindahl’s Multifamily Millions Boot Camp, it was very intriguing. These types of seminars are not a typical college learning event. They are always a lot of hype and energy.

The cost of this even is advertised at $2995, and I thought it might be a worthwhile event; especially with all of the bonuses and guarantees. Much of the criteria that I use when I buy my properties have come from a course I bought from Dave quite a while ago, maybe in 2006, before I started any real RE investing. I bought that course for I think $995 or so, and decided that I could not afford it at that time, so I sent it back. I received a prompt refund, so I knew he at least stood by his products.

David Lindahl's Real Estate Books

 As I did some research, I saw that David Lindahl was offering a chance for Veteran’s to attend the event for free. I am a disabled Vet, and can remember when I used to hide the fact that I was a Vet, but now it is OK to be a Vet in public. My hat’s off to David Lindahl for offering this opportunity for me to attend the event for free. Thank you Dave!
For more details visit : http://davelindahltips.wordpress.com/ 

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