Saturday, 27 September 2014

Absorption Rate and Why it Matters to Your RE Investment – David Lindahl

Real estate investing is a business, whether you are investing in one property or several. Therefore you must treat it as such and look at it from all different directions. This means paying attention to the absorption rate because it can have a direct effect on your investment.

It really is not difficult to understand, and in fact you may find it quite interesting. It merely means how long it will take the property to sell on the market in a given area.

A good mentor like David Lindahl will facilitate you to gain practical knowledge much quicker compared to books and courses. Mentors will help out to steer deals and handle tough circumstances that you may face when the deals are big. Mentors are very vital to take your business to a higher level without many risks.

Know your buyers needs 

It is important to be conscious about your buyer needs. Instead of finding deals and searching for a buyer, it is better to find a buyer and then find the right deal according to his requirement. This is an important factor in customer satisfaction.

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