Monday, 6 October 2014

David Lindahl Informative Real Estate course Reviews

Although I have not been to his seminar, I did purchase his CD course....thinking it was around $1,500. Definitely comprehensive courses are most informative. There are many techniques you can employ to acquire good multifamily properties.

 The key is 'taking action.' There are a lot of PhD's that are homeless. The key ingredient to success is to reproduce something (like what David Lindahl teaches), take action, and produce the same results. Far too many people buy a course, never read it, or perhaps read it and put it on the shelf, and do NOTHING! That is a losing strategy. Find a niche in the market, find someone successful in that niche, do what he did, and get the same results! 

 Just be cautious that most apartment deals take lengthy periods of time to acquire and close before you earn money. It takes up to 9 months for an FHA backed commercial loan to get closed and funded in most cases. 

I train my students to do smaller deals to earn a good living while they are developing apartment building deals. That will keep you in the business long enough to enjoy the profits from the bigger deals on apartments.

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